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Change Your Name or Not

Change Your Name or Not, That's The Question

Since you were young, you were probably daydreaming about taking your crush’s last name in the wedding of the century. Mrs. So-and-So. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Or maybe it doesn’t. Maybe as you grew older, you decided that you loved your last name. Maybe you still want to keep that part of your identity. When deciding whether to take your fiance’s name or not, there are a lot of things to consider.

Do you love your last name now?

Are you dreading taking your fiancé’s name? Does the name remind you of someone you aren’t fond of or a big meatball sandwich? Does it not mesh well with your first name or middle name? These are all great questions to think about when you’re making this decision.

Do you want to change your name in your profession?

A lot of people want to keep their last name in order to keep consistency or to maintain an image. Lawyers, teachers, writers and many others will sometimes opt to keep their maiden name, even if only professionally and then have their last name legally be the same as his/her spouse..

Are you dying to take your fiancé’s name?

If you daydreamed about taking your fiancé’s last name since Pinterest came to be, then maybe you should take that last name. Maybe you can’t wait to name your kids and have their name match perfectly with your newly acquired name. Maybe you burst into tears when your fiancé asked you to take this special last name. Maybe all you want is to have an engagement photo with a sign saying “Stole my heart, so I’m stealing the last name.”

Are you indifferent to the name either way?

If you have absolutely no care one way or the other, ask for opinions (people will have them). Ask your fiancé, your parents, your friends their opinion about a possible name change. Say both versions out loud to yourself. Which does your heart and head tell you to go with?

How much does it mean to your family?

Are you the last in the line of your name? Are your parents sad to see the name die? Never fear, you can keep it. No one said you had to get rid of it.

All in all, the choice is ultimately yours. The name is your own and no one else’s name. While it is nice that people will have opinions, you don’t need to consider them. You can change your last name to your fiancé’s his last name. You can change your fiancé’s last name to your last name. You can change both of your names to be both with hyphens. You can change just yours to that. You can change your middle name to your old last name and take your fiancé’s last name. You can keep both the same. You can change both of your names to something completely different. Either way, it’s completely up to you.