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How to Match Your Wedding to Your Personality

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This one day of your life brings so much hype. It’s supposedly the biggest day of your life thus far. The day you finally say “yes, I think I like you enough to stay around you forever.” You make this commitment and it’s a really big deal. How do you celebrate? This is all up to you and your significant other.

Your personality as a couple should help you make your wedding decisions. While yes, it’s very nice to want to do some things for your parents, especially if they are footing the bill, ultimately it is your call on most decisions. Do you both only want a courthouse wedding with 20 guests and cake and coffee to celebrate after? Then that’s what you should do. Do you want to have a big soiree complete with fireworks, cupcake towers, and a live band? You should definitely work toward that.

A big part of having your personality play out in your wedding should not just be about your wants either, but your significant other’s wants. Does he like small get togethers and you like outrageous parties? Maybe you can compromise and have a small intimate ceremony with only family and then invite all of your friends to a casual outdoor party after. This can work.

If you know what size wedding you want and what food you want, but you don’t know where to go from there? Include fun activities and decorations that scream “Mr. and Mrs. So-and-So.” Are you simply crazy about autumn? Have the event during fall and incorporate fall colors, cozy touches like a hot chocolate bar, and/or maybe some fun photos in piles of leaves. Are you two a couple of bookworms? Did you meet in the school library? Take your engagement photos in a pretty library in town. Is your fiance insanely obsessed with sports? Did you meet at a football game? Incorporate your favorite team into the decor or colors. Do you love candy, but hate cake? Make a candy bar for your guests for dessert. There are so many fun things you can do to make your guests really feel like this is your wedding and not just a really generic black and white wedding.

Ultimately, everything you decide on is a part of your big day. Get involved with planning even if you hired a wedding planner or your parents want to plan the whole thing and you’re not a big planner. This day will hopefully only happen once in your life and you really want to look back on it and say, “That day was so us.” Because it should be.

Photo Credit Above: Chris Foss Imagery / ETC Wedding Group