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Who To Bring Along for Wedding Dress Shopping

Who To Bring Along for Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping rocks. You get to play dress up for the day and the shop people will tend to your wants and needs and you might just have someone there to ooo and ahhh at you. It is the closest you will ever feel to being a princess. It’s awesome, but the pressure of who to bring with you is almost worse than the pressure to find a dress. Who do you pick to come watch you try on dresses? Here are some suggestions based on your situation.


Let’s be real, not everyone has the best relationship with their mom. Some don’t have moms. But if you do and you’re at least on some good terms with them, you should invite them. They’ll be thrilled to be there. Or at least be thrilled to see your final choice. Stepmoms and grandmothers too! While maybe not all should be invited, those women closest to you will be happy to be there.


This is completely up to you. Is your relationship with your soon to be mother in law good? Or is it not great, but you think it could be better? Invite her. If she likes you, she’ll be an incredible person to cheer you on as you pick out the perfect dress.

*Your Siblings

This is also not for everyone. If you trust your siblings’ judgement and want them there, good. Invite them. They’ll most likely be the most honest ones there.

*Your MOH

Your maid of honor should be considered if you know she’ll be supportive. Some bridesmaids will get bored and may start injecting their opinions when you know they should not. If you know they will do this, don’t invite them along. But also, don’t invite certain bridesmaids and not others unless it is only the maid of honor that is invited. You don’t want hurt feelings.

*Your Fiancé

If you are all about you and him, then sure. This is not strongly advised as it is a fun tradition to keep the dress a secret, but you do you. Guys also don’t generally know a ton about wedding dress fashions, so sometimes their opinion can do more harm than good. Up to you though!

*Just You

Do you know what you want exactly? Do you not want other opinions to sway you to do something you don’t want? Then maybe a trip alone would be your best bet. Sometimes all you need is your number one: you.

Enjoy your day, whoever your bring.