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Your Gorgeous Autumn Wedding

Fall Rockford Weddings

Keep in mind when planning your special day that spring and summer weddings are not your only options. If you love the changing color of leaves, pumpkins, apple cider, and other autumnal goodies then a fall wedding may be the perfect choice for you. This season provides your special day with a naturally vibrant and beautiful backdrop, temperatures that are not too cold or hot, and charming decorations from the changing season. Deviating from the traditional spring and summer wedding can create a unique and memorable day complete with warm autumn hues, beautiful fall blooming flowers, gorgeous autumnal decor, creative wedding favors, and distinct fall flavors.

Color Schemes:
One of the best parts of the fall season is the beautiful changing colors of nature. These colors can be used as inspiration when choosing the color scheme for your special day. If you want your wedding to maintain a traditional feel you can use reds, golds and oranges to accent a primarily white color scheme. There are many different color combinations available if you are envisioning a nontraditional autumn wedding and creating the perfect color combination is the key to a beautiful fall inspired wedding. To create a unique and memorable color scheme that will deliver an autumnal feel combine light, crisp, airy hues with deeply saturated pops of color like metallic gold and silver accented with bright red, muted slate gray and deep emerald green, orange with peach and green, red-orange with brown and green, orange with brown and red, yellow with orange and pink, yellow with orange and red, or bright orange with light green and purple. These combinations are perfect for a fall inspired wedding and will work together flawlessly with your autumnal fall-blooming flowers.

Flower Arrangements:
There are a few key things to keep in mind when creating your fall inspired flower arrangements, centerpieces, and bouquets. Your arrangements can be bold and beautiful by choosing fall-blooming flowers in deep and dramatic shades of classic autumn hues. Classic autumn colors like oranges, golds, reds, coppers, and greens can work together beautifully. These autumnal flowers will work splendidly with your fall inspired wedding and choosing flowers that are in season cuts down on expenses. Your florist can help you sift through all of the beautiful fall-blooming flowers to help you craft the perfect floral pieces for your wedding. Another key idea to keep in mind when creating your fall inspired flower arrangements, centerpieces, and bouquets is texture. Start with a base of your favorite fall-blooming flowers and add berries, lotus bods, ferns, leaves, wheat, and other autumnal accents to compliment your bold flowers. Bypass traditional glass vases that are commonly used in spring and summer weddings when deciding how to display your arrangements and centerpieces. Instead, use copper or silver pots, gold vases, wooden containers, or ceramic pots to compliment your autumnal flower arrangements. Your bouquets should be densely packed with fall-blooming flowers and other accents to create a dome shape. Instead of leaving the stems of the flowers exposed, wrap them in textured fabrics, velvet sashes, or ribbons. Keeping these tips in mind will turn any traditional wedding into a beautifully unique autumn wedding.

Decorations for a fall inspired wedding can be beautiful, colorful, and rustic. They can give your wedding a unique touch that sets it apart from traditional spring and summer weddings. Start with a base of items from nature and add creative touches to make them your own. Mini apples and pumpkins can be used as decor as they are or painted gold, white, silver, or with glitter. They can also be cut open on top with autumn scented candles inserted into them, decorated with handmade fabric leaves and more. They can also be accented with fall blooming flowers, leaves, pinecones, glittered acorns, and berries. Large autumn colored leaves, berries, and branches can be decorated further by dipping them in melted candle wax that matches the color scheme of your wedding as well as gold and silver glitter. Handmade log and twig vases can be used to hold your flower arrangements and can serve as beautiful decor to compliment your fall inspired wedding day. Combining different goodies from nature that the changing season provides can give your wedding a beautiful, unique autumnal feel.

Wedding Favors:
A fall wedding gives you the perfect opportunity to provide your guests with unique and memorable wedding favors. The wedding favors at your fall wedding should be inspired by autumn and remind your guests of the colorful and enchanting season. Wedding favors should be relatively small and simple but enjoyable for your guests. Some great ideas for fall wedding favors are: caramel apples packaged in ribbons that match your wedding’s color scheme, candles in shades of orange, yellow, brown, or red, autumnal shaped chocolates like maple leaves, acorns, and pumpkins, pumpkin spice scented soaps in pumpkin or leaf shapes, apple butter, personalized cupcakes boxes with fall inspired cupcake flavors, chocolate apples, leaf shaped wine stoppers, personalized maple syrup flavors, personalized cocoa, cappuccino, and coffee flavors and caramel corn snack bags.

Wedding Cake:
If you want a nontraditional fall inspired wedding cake there are many options to consider. Fall flavors are delicious, memorable, and a great change of pace from traditional white cakes. Flavors like pumpkin and cream cheese, spice cake and blackberry filling, carrot cake, and apple cider cake will remind your guests of autumn and provide a delicious dessert. Fall wedding cakes can be decorated with maple leaves, acorns, tree branches, and other fall inspired shapes made of chocolate, sugar, and gum paste. Fall colored flowers, leaves, berries, acorns, mini pumpkins, mini apples, and pinecones can be added to your cake to create a beautiful autumnal cake that will fit seamlessly with your decor. Your cake can be served with other fall inspired sweets like pumpkin ice cream, caramel candies, or warm poached pears. Your fall wedding cake also provides the opportunity to be creative with your cake topper and deviate from traditional bride and groom toppers. An arrangement of fall-blooming flowers can create a bold and beautiful cake topper while a fondant tree with autumn leaves can create a serene and gorgeous autumn inspired topper. If you’re interested in keeping the bride and groom cake topper you can easily incorporate them into your fall themed wedding. Try putting your topper in an autumn colored leave pile or under a tree with autumn colored leaves. A fall inspired cake topper can provide a beautiful and unique accent to your cake and your wedding as a whole.