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First Look Photos: Uniquely Untraditional or Just Wrong?

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Lately Facebook and Instagram have been nothing but wedding photo galleries.  Silly photos, formal photos, abstract photos.  Everyone does everything differently.  What is a huge new trend that you’ve probably seen quite a bit?  First look photos.

First look photos are pictures of the couple to be seeing each other before the ceremony.  Usually they are alone with the photographer and / or videographer and are able to exchange a few words and calm each other down before the storm of chaos that is the wedding day.  Tears are sometimes shed, laughs are captured, and hugs and kisses are plentiful.  It’s a really beautiful touch to a morning that may be filled with anxiety and nerves.

Some may say that first look photos aren’t tradition.  The groom seeing the bride before the wedding? That’s unheard of.  It’s bad luck!  It lessens the moment when the bride is walking down the aisle.  It all could be true.

First look photos are treasured by many.  Some say they are fun, others say they put them at ease.  And having to hide from your soon to be husband/wife all morning?  That sounds annoying.

Having a hard time deciding if a first look is for you?  Google or Pinterest search first look photos.  Only you and your partner can make that decision. 

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