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The Modernization of Wedding Traditions

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Here comes the bride and a whole new set of rules - it seems that these days anything goes when it comes to the wedding celebration. Regardless if one is planning a wedding in the Rockford area or somewhere more or less exotic. Although we do still value and cherish the traditions, it is now more like something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, or … something like that.

Times have changed, and wedding etiquette reflects this. The expense of a modern wedding, and the fact that most couples marry after they have already established careers, and even homes, mean that the couple themselves take more responsibility for the cost of the wedding. In turn, in many cases the bride’s parents no longer feel they have to pay for the entire event. In addition, church is no longer the expected venue for exchanging of vows, and it is okay to skip the, often embarrassing, garter photograph, or an awkward fight for the bride’s bouquet, and that is perfectly okay depending on your preferences.

Some classic wedding traditions that have stuck, with perhaps a modern tweak or two are:

The Wedding Cake The decision to share dessert with each other and their guests as the formal part of the occasion is winding down, is still a part of most weddings. While many couples have kept the tradition of the large and elegant tiered cake, others may cut a small cake together then serve cupcakes, ice cream, or even donuts to their guest instead of a slice of cake.

The Rings A wedding ring is still a very important part of the traditions. Rings are exchanged as a symbol of love and commitment, and its circular shape symbolizes never-ending love shared with their partner. However, some people have traded the traditional ring on the ring finger to wearing other pieces of jewelry or even making it inked forever by adding a tattoo to symbolize their union.

A Bouquet The custom of bridal bouquets has its origins in ancient times. Flowers were originally incorporated into the ceremony as a symbol of fertility. Today the arrangement of flowers have become much more elaborate and unique. For example, the wall of flowers featured in Kim Kardashian’s extravagant wedding. On a simple level, a bridal bouquet is a fantastic way to bring a pop of color into the wedding and completes any bride’s ensemble for her special day. Some brides have tweaked the traditional bouquet, by holding paper, felt flowers, or even beautiful brooches.

The Big Reveal It is said to be bad luck if the groom see the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding ceremony, and traditionally, a groom’s first glance at his bride should be as she walks down the aisle. Nowadays couples often set up special meet-ups just moments before the ceremony so they can experience the big reveal in a more intimate setting. Some have even incorporated a special message to each other separately and then together with their videographer prior to walking down that aisle. There’s nothing like capturing that true emotion of the day before a life-long commitment.

Of course, there will always be whispers in the pews from people judging your wedding decisions, that is one tradition that hasn’t changed.

Photo Credit Above: Chris Foss Imagery / ETC Wedding Group