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Nontraditional Wedding Dresses Part 2

Nontraditional Wedding Dresses Part 1

Nontraditional wedding dresses can be bold, edgy, classy, beautiful, or funky. Your options are limitless. The best part about your wedding is that it's yours. Nontraditional wedding dresses are often more affordable and they give you the opportunity to choose colors and styles you prefer to compliment your looks. Choosing hues and cuts that suit your body type, skin tone, and hair color will leave you looking and feeling fantastic on your wedding day.

After you have chosen a dress style for your body shape, start considering nontraditional colors. The traditional white wedding dress does not work well with every skin tone or hair color. You may find you look better in a vibrant gown. Emeralds, baby blues, and tans work well with light skin tones. Metallics, dove grey, and neon colors complement medium complexions. Bright pops of color such as cobalt, light yellow, and shades of red look beautiful against dark skin. Your hair color should also be taken into account when choosing your dress.

• Blondes: Warm colors look gorgeous when paired with blonde hair. Honey blondes look beautiful in jewel tones or colors with red undertones. Platinum blondes look bold and beautiful in true red and shades of blue. Saturated colors, rather than pastels, flatter light brunettes. Yellow, orange, and rust also complement any shade of blonde. Neutral shades like cream, ivory, and taupe look fantastic with all shades of blonde if you prefer more subtle hues.

• Brunettes: Emerald green, sapphire blue, and other jewel tones complement all shades of brunette. Shades of orange, pink, and yellow are gorgeous when paired with a brunette's highlights and undertones. Warm shades of brown work well with olive green, red-orange, and deep purple colors. Chocolate brown, navy blue, and charcoal grey flatter cool shades of brunette hair. True red, cobalt blue, and royal purple also complement black hair.

• Redheads: Shades of green and ivory look fantastic on red heads. If you have a pale complexion and freckles, avoid shades of yellow because they may wash out your skin. Warm shades or orange and brown complement shades of red hair. For dark auburn or true red, stay away from navy, pink, and bright red. Instead, dress in earth tones like beige, green, tan, and brown. Pink, bright purple, violet blue, aqua green, and gold look fabulous when paired with strawberry blonde and light auburn hair. Once you've narrowed down your color decisions, you may be interested in what different colors symbolize. White dresses traditionally symbolize light, goodness, purity, innocence and virginity. When choosing a nontraditional wedding gown, you might decide to choose a specific color based on its connotations.

• Red: Red is a provocative and stimulating color. The color of fire and blood, red is associated with energy, strength, power, passion, desire and love. Light shades of red represent love, passion, sexuality, joy and sensitivity. Romance, love and friendship are symbolized by shades of pink. Pink also represents feminine qualities. Dark red is associated with willpower, leadership and courage. Browns and reddish browns symbolize stability.

• Yellow: Yellow is associated with intellect, energy, happiness, joy and sunshine. Yellow provokes pleasant, warm, and cheerful feelings and represents honor and loyalty. Avoid dull and dingy yellows. They are associated with caution, decay, sickness and jealousy. Instead, dress in a light yellow for intellect, freshness and joy.

• Orange: When the passion and energy of red is combined with the joy and happiness of yellow, orange is created. Orange is associated with warm feelings, sunshine and joy and symbolizes strength and endurance. Shades of red-orange represent desire, passion and pleasure while gold promotes wisdom, wealth and prestige.

• Blue: Shades of blue evoke feelings of depth and stability. As the color of the sea and sky, blue symbolizes intelligence, faith, truth, wisdom and loyalty. Light blue represents tranquility, understanding, softness and health. Dark blue implies knowledge, integrity and seriousness. Shades of blue produce a calming effect and sentiments of piety and sincerity.

• Green: Fertility, freshness, growth and harmony are represented by green. As the color of nature, green suggests endurance and stability. Dark shades of green are associated with ambition and wealth. Aqua represents emotional healing and protections; olive green traditionally symbolizes peace.

• Purple: Purple combines the energy of red and the stability of blue. Power, nobility, luxury, ambition and royalty are conveyed along with wealth and extravagance. Purple is also associated with mystery, creativity, dignity and wisdom. Light purple represents romance and femininity.

• Black: While black may seem like an odd choice for a wedding dress, this color conveys feelings of power and elegance. Black can be prestigious, formal and elegant. Black is also a thinning color and contrasts well with brighter tones. There are several advantages to a nontraditional wedding dress. They are often cheaper, and you can wear the dress more than once. A unique color will convey your personality, give your wedding a unique twist and increase your options. Even if you just don't like how you look in white, the perfect wedding dress is out there. There are countless styles and colors of nontraditional wedding dresses to choose from. Just find a dress you love to wear. Anything can be a wedding dress; you just have to get married in it!