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Summer Outdoor Wedding Tips

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Here are some tips to plan a summer outdoor wedding:


• Some outdoor venues require you to have a permit for serving liquor, parking, noise, music, etc.
• If you are having a backyard wedding, make sure to contact your local homeowners and let them know about the event.

• Tents are a great resource for providing shade to your guests and for the catering.
• They can also provide cover if the weather becomes rainy.

• The next time it’s raining, head outside when it’s not lightning, and watch where the water flows. This can be a great indicator if the tent is going to be located in a pond or bad flowage area.
• Have a back-up plan for the grass areas in the tent in case of rain flowage. A new trend being adopted in the Midwest has been adding straw to the floor of the tent on top of the grass. It not only changes the colors but it also serves as a sponge.

Cooling Off Guests
• You can provide fans, sunglasses, umbrellas, lots of waters, and air conditioner units to help keep your guests cool.

• Check with your caterer to see what type of equipment they provide for serving food outside.
• Prepare to purchase additional equipment to keep food from being affected by the outdoor temperatures.

• Have a detailed electricity plan for each vendor. Keep in mind that catering companies should NOT be paired with your entertainment. Coffee pots drain power and cause outages. Don’t disrupt your entertainment. Give your entertainment their own dedicated electricity source.
• Be prepared to provide extra extension cords and power strips. Or better yet, rent more power than you and all of your vendors need. This is a once in a lifetime event.

• Provide bug spray for your guest at their table or as part of the wedding favors.
• Use a mosquito magnet, bug zapper, tent with net, bug candles or other green creative bug propellants to keep the bugs away.
• Build a great bonfire to entertain guests and keep the bugs away. Don’t forget an emergency plan though if things get out of control. Make positive memories by being prepared.