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The Guest List: How to Make the Cut

Rockford Bride The Guest List & Making the Cut

When you’re planning a wedding one of the first thing you have to decide on is the guest list. You’ll need to sit down and decide what’s important to you in a wedding. Do you imagine a big party surrounded by all of your friends and family? Or do you picture something more intimate? Once you have an idea of the size of your wedding you go from there.

Sometimes the cap on your guest list will come from factors that you have little control over, such as the size of your venue. Or maybe your budget can only accommodate a certain number of guests. In both these cases, keeping your list within those parameters is important. You do not want to push your budget or push the venue’s capacity. We and many bridal resources will suggest that you create a “dream list” with everyone you could imagine at your wedding and then cutting from there. However, it is much easier to add than it is to cut. We suggest making a list of people that you absolutely can not imagine getting married without. From there, if you have room, you can then add any family that is important to you or your family to be there. Then, again if you have room, you can add your friends that you think would make your day more enjoyable and joyous. Finally, if there is still room, this is the time to add coworkers and other acquaintances.

Of course there are some rules of etiquette that should be considered. For example, if either set of parents is contributing financially to the wedding then you will have to make some allowances in your guest list for them.

Who To Invite To Your Wedding

One hotly debated consideration for the guest is who gets a plus-one. Anyone who is engaged to be married should automatically be given a plus-one. Many people will also consider cohabitation automatic grounds for a plus-one as well. From there, plus-ones for single guests are up for debate. However, if you’ve set boundaries for the guest list make sure that you are following them equally for every guest. If you’ve decided that the only significant others allowed are fiancé(e)s then follow that rule across the board. If not, be prepared to have an awkward conversation with those who did not receive a plus-one.

Rockford Bride The Guest List

Remember however, that at the end of the day it is your wedding and you and your future spouse have the right to make decisions about your guest list and count. Do not be afraid to put stay strong and go with what you envisioned for your wedding. Wedding planning comes with a lot of pressure and family pulling you one way or the other but, as with all things wedding-related, the most important thing is that you and your beloved are happy with your decisions.

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