Published On : 01/01/1970

This is probably something you’ve thought a lot about ever since you became engaged; who should be in your wedding party?

First you should ask your significant other how many friends and family they want to stand-up as special wedding party members. Many modern weddings don’t have the exact same amount of groomsmen to bridesmaids and that is fine. However, having a general idea of a possible outline can help.

Your first thought should be family. Are you close with siblings, cousins, aunts or other important people in your life? Maybe they should be considered first.

Next should be your closest friends. Maybe one in particular should be your maid or matron of honor (if you don’t already have a family member in that role). Usually these bridesmaids are determined based on the years of friendship and the closeness of your relationship. Are you just sort of close and have known your friend from spin class for a few months? Shy away from adding them.

Close acquaintances and friends that may not have made the party should be considered for usher and personal attendant roles. Aunts and uncles make for really great personal attendants and ushers as well.

Any special readers or speakers also play an important role at your wedding. Most couples choose to identify and ask those individuals who are special to either one or both. While speaking at a wedding ceremony or even a reception it’s important to keep in mind that person’s speaking abilities, charisma along with their ability to tell a good story. Ask yourself these questions if you are interested in not only choosing someone who is special to you but also if he/she can tell a good story. You’ll help eliminate any chances of your guest being bored.

All in all, the wedding party should be your nearest and dearest. Sometimes if you feel you have too many close friends to include think about other ways to integrate them into other roles at your wedding. Often times many people ask these special people to have a responsible role during the day or at night at the reception.

Thinking about being really different? It’s okay to ask someone of the opposite sex to be on your side to stand-up during your wedding. It’s a new trend!

Whatever you decide will be the right decision for you.


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