Published On : 12/04/2020

Weddings are meant to be fun and are meant to show your personality as a couple. They exist to celebrate the love and unity of two people that want to share their lives together. Some people take the “show your personality” weddings to a whole new level. Although some are a bit over the top, you should do you. Here are the biggest wedding trends that can be seen on Pinterest that most of you probably had no clue were going to be so popular:

Holiday Weddings: Everyone loves Christmas and winter wonderland themes. But Halloween? Anyone would love to be an attendee at that wedding, but there are few and far between who are brave enough to do something as extreme as that. That being said, black wedding attire, casual dining, and spooky decor sounds like a fun party.

Hippie Weddings: We are all for flower crowns and going barefoot, but who is down to wear a 50 year old wedding dress that smells like a nursing home and serve vegan meals? This trend could be seen coming from a mile away though with the resurgence in the past decade of music festivals and just general acceptance for everyone loving everyone in the younger generation. It’s awesome, but again, while some details are super cool, not all of the details are for everyone.

Geek Weddings: How can you not love geek weddings? Millennials are the accepting people as they are (for the most part) generation. This trend of celebrating your inner geek is on point. Pokémon cakes, Harry Potter engagement photos, The Lord of the Ring invitations, superhero cuff links, and Star Wars favors are just really fun for all, even if you don’t follow some of those fandoms!

Disney Weddings: Are you the Belle to his Beast? Are you the Tatiana to his Frog Prince? Are you the Nala to his Simba? Then a Disney wedding may be in the stars for you! Disney is a fun theme for those obsessed and brings meaning to the phrase “fairy tale wedding.”

Ditching Tradition: First look photos (seeing your betrothed before the ceremony and getting photos), fast food for dinner, and having the bride wear colors other than white are now becoming the norm. Do what makes you comfortable, not what others expect you to do. It’s a new concept, but a good one.

Incorporating Kids: Not a lot of people these days are traditional. Some couples already have children before they’re married. Others just have lots of family with kids. In the past and still today many people will ask that guests do not bring their kids. A new trend is to have activities for the kids (coloring books, puzzles, games and other creative ideas), so they don’t get bored. One cute idea circulating on Pinterest is having a milk and cookie bar for the kids while the grown-ups enjoy adult beverages.

Whether you go with tradition and just have a few quirky additions to your wedding or you completely flip the meaning of wedding on its head, it will be yours to celebrate as you see fit. Enjoy it.


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