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5 Questions to Ask When Shopping for the Dress:

Rockford Bride 5 Questions for Shopping for the Dress

Picking a wedding dress can be tedious, but ultimately rewarding at the end. At Rockford Bride, we have a list of bridal stores to help you find the right dress. As you start shopping, here are five questions to think about:

1. Is it in your price range?
The gown is important, but you definitely want to consider your budget. If you are trying to plan a wedding under $15,000, a $3,500 dress may not be in your price range. Fox Business reports that the average bride spends $1,100 on their wedding dress, so if you are unsure on how much to spend, this might be a good price range to consider.

2. Does it go with your figure?
Every woman has a different shape and figure, and it is always best to know what gown will compliment your body. For example, if your body shape is of a rectangle (meaning that your shoulders, hips and waist are the same size), you might go with a more sheath looking dress. Ask your salesperson about what type of figure you are before purchasing the dress. Feeling comfortable and confident on this special day is important.

Advice on Wedding Dresses

3. Does it match the style of your wedding?
If you are planning a casual country or rustic wedding, a large princess-style gown may seem out of place. Likewise, if you are planning a highly elegant black tie wedding, your dress should not be very casual. It’s always a good idea to think about what your wedding venue, theme and style will be like before you shop for the dress.

4. Do you think you will be comfortable enough in the dress to dance?
It is easy to be swept off of your feet by the elegance of a gown, but after the ceremony every bride must be ready to tear it up on the dance floor. Wedding dresses should allow anyone to walk and dance freely in every single way possible.

5. Do my instincts agree with this choice?
If you start shopping early enough for a dress (some recommend nine months to a year in advance), you’ll have plenty of time to look for gowns. When you find the perfect gown, your instincts will tell you. Take time with your decision to find the perfect dress for your big day!